Why Your Specialty Auto Business Needs LinkedIn

As we all know, the world of Social Media is a rapidly changing one. From audience network preference evolution, like the historical shifts seen during the pilgrimage from Friendster, to Myspace to Facebook and beyond we have seen a mass movement of people going from one platform to another with the changing of times and trends. Additionally, and more importantly, the networks constantly change within their own skins modifying algorithms, which creates further challenges. With that said, still one of the most underutilized overall, but still the strongest for business remains LinkedIn. Fact is, LinkedIn offers a fantastic platform with incredible opportunities for organic growth via the ease of connecting with likeminded individuals who are interested in what you offer for your specific space, want to engage and actually have the discretionary ability to become valuable customers.

1. A More Qualified Audience

What is first and foremost most important about the LinkedIn audience is that they are constantly looking for ways to better their own personal brand in the real world. With other Social Media outlets, it has mostly become entertainment-based, wherein memes, videos, aimless and mostly dishonest “lifestyle based” self-promotion, etc. dominate the users experience. The LinkedIn audience is much more serious about what they are putting on their profile and how they interact on the platform because risks to real world employment or future business opportunities exist more readily. Where this benefits your business, is that the audience you build is here for the purpose of professional interaction and is focused on the specific market that you reside in. Not only does this mean you are more apt to attract the right audience, but this will also cut down on static from those that might not be interested or just plain can’t afford what you have to offer. This in turn allows you a higher potential of attracting new talent, customers or clients who are actually interested in making your products or services part of their real lives. The majority of LinkedIn users are professionals who are more mature, with more disposable income, which means they can actually take what you have far more seriously than just a click of the like button. Fact is, most items offered in the Specialty Automotive space are neither essential, nor inexpensive. Finding more qualified clients easily, is one of the most critical aspects of LinkedIn overall.

2. Platform Openness to Distributing Organic Content

Another great feature of LinkedIn is the platforms ability to get organic content to its target audience. Algorithms employed are fantastic at getting your content out across the profiles that you need in order to build your business, without additional monetary contribution. This in turn creates a bigger interest in your brand or product and enables you the opportunity to build a greater online presence within your respective space. It’s far more difficult to acquire the same impressions, shares and conversations on other social media sites as you would on LinkedIn because of this reach of organic content that they allow. It’s also not clogged with competitors, especially in our space and to not take advantage of this openness is a wasted opportunity for Specialty Automotive businesses big and small. Even with my own accounts that I manage, I have seen a snowball effect over a period of a months where well thought out content we have created has reached people in the hundreds of thousands. The beauty of LinkedIn, as of right now, is that it remains largely lawless. It’s very much like Facebook in the early/mid 2010’s before they shifted their focus to distributing sponsored content. Those who were on the right side of that curve are still, currently benefitting. Those who missed it, remain in regret. You do not want your business to exist in category of the latter.

3. Audience Engagement and Overall Community Approach

We have found, overall in this space, that community involvment is a major factor for platform users. We have watched this build on pages we have taken over which started with 20 followers and rapidly progressed into the thousands. The pages that fare the best and grow the quickest have a steady stream of regulars. Not only do these people look forward to connecting with your brand, but also continuously engage others throughout the content’s lifecycle. These conversations will encourage the algorithm to make said post appear on likeminded potential client’s timelines, that in turn will increase the followers to your profile. An additional factor as compared to other services, like for example Facebook, LinkedIn users in this space seems to generally remain far more positive, alleviating people arguing and the general negativity that seems to endlessly pollute the comments sections of other services. The LinkedIn community is generally trying to keep things professional and negative comments tend to get pushed to the wayside in favor of productive conversations. With a network as enthusiastic as automotive can be, that kind of thing can be contagious – and great for your business!

4. Well Organized LinkedIn Insights and Analytics

LinkedIn analytics are without a doubt one of the most user friendly when it comes to measuring Social Media progression and effectiveness. LinkedIn provides quick, simple and useful looks at engagement, follower count and plenty more, designed to help you grow your following across the network efficiently. The visitor analytics show not only how many people are visiting your profile, but job functions, location, seniority, industry and company size. This is beneficial in strategizing on how to reach your target market with your content. The update analytic shows the statistics of each individual post, which allows you to have your thumb on the pulse of what consumers would want from your content. The follower analytic not only allows you to gauge the amount of people who follow over a period of time but also (and probably more importantly) it provides insights into competitor activity, allowing you to measure progress directly with your respective space.  LinkedIn gives you everything you need but nothing you don’t. No other network seems to bridge the gap in regard to analytics as well as LinkedIn, and this is a big check in the win column as a result.

5. With Professional Management LinkedIn’s Value is Unsurpassed

With all the great features I have listed above its very hard to not see that LinkedIn’s value for a business should not be overlooked. Combine those features with professional management you have an amazing opportunity to extend your reach in ways you never thought possible. We have clients who are currently experiencing as low as $0.90 CPM on their social investment surrounding LinkedIn and we expect this to improve strongly. Although still representing value, other premier Collector Car focused sites will offer anywhere between $5.00-$14.00 CPM and up and for a little additional perspective, Google in this space averages around $2.50-$3.00 CPM.  Fact is, a well-crafted, organized, well presented, professionally managed social strategy including LinkedIn still provides one of the best bangs for your buck in digital marketing. As such, your business should absolutely be active here.


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Darin Roberge is CEO of Motorwerks Marketing and is a Marketing and Media Consultant in the Specialty Automotive and Live Events industries. Darin has been named a Business Trendsetter by Arizona Foothills Magazine, is a two-time nominee to Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list and is one of Sports Car Market Magazine’s 40 Under 40. Learn more about Darin at www.MotorwerksMarketing.comwww.motorwerksmarketing.com